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Recursos sobre Inversión de Impacto

Recursos sobre Inversión Social


Alliance Magazine (
Provides analysis and updates about philanthropy and the social investment sectors.

Beyond Profit (
An online magazine focused on the stories and people behind social enterprises and social ventures.

CASE Working Paper Series(
CASE at Duke staff and faculty working papers on Social Entrepreneurship.

Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP) (
An independent policy and research center dedicated to advancing financial access for the world’s poor.

Initiative for Responsible Investment at Harvard University(
Promotes the development of theory and practice of responsible investment through research, dialogue, and action.

InSight at Pacific Community Ventures(
Features reports and publications on impact investing.

J.P. Morgan Social Finance Research(
Reports and publications from J.P. Morgan’s Social Finance unit.

MIT Innovations Journal (
Cases, research, and commentary on entrepreneurship and global development, mobile communications, global public health, water and sanitation, and energy and climate.

Monitor Inclusive Markets (
A unit within the Monitor Group that focuses on understanding and catalyzing investment in business models that engage the poor in socially beneficial markets.

NextBillion (
Explores the connection between development and enterprise.

NextBillion en Espanol (
Tiene la mision de promover una discusion sobre el papel de los negocios y la empresa privada en la lucha contra la pobreza y la degradacion ambiental en el contexto hispano.

Responsible Research (
An independent research provider covering emerging markets, with a focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors.

Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship(
Fosters innovative social transformation through education, research, and collaboration.

Social Edge (
An online community where social entrepreneurs and others in the social benefit sector can network, learn, and share resources. (
This program of the MaRS Centre for Impact Investing is an online community and information hub for social finance and impact investing in Canada.

Stanford Social Innovation Review (
A magazine and website covering cross-sector solutions to global problems while bringing together academic theory and practice with ideas about achieving social change.

Third Sector (
Based in the U.K., the site provides news on impact investing, social enterprise, philanthropy, and the nonprofit sector.

Tides Momentum (
A quarterly publication that spotlights the world’s leading and emerging social changemakers.

Upsides (
An online platform that covers responsible finance and sustainable development in emerging markets.


B Lab (
A nonprofit organization that certifies B Corporations, a new type of corporation that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

A CDFI assessment and ratings system, providing a third-party assessment of impact and financial performance.

FIELD at the Aspen Institute (
Its mission is to identify, develop, and disseminate best practices, and to educate funders, policymakers and others about microenterprise as an anti-poverty strategy.

Global Impact Investing Rating System (GIIRS) (
Assesses the social and environmental impact (but not the financial performance) of companies and funds using a ratings approach analogous to Morningstar investment rankings or S&P credit risk ratings.

Impact Reporting and Investment Standards (IRIS) (
An initiative of the GIIN, IRIS is a set of metrics that can be used to describe an organization’s social, environmental and financial performance.

MIX Market (
Provides access to financial and social performance information covering approximately 2,000 MFIs around the world.

Progress out of Poverty Index (
A tool for pro-poor organizations to estimate and track the poverty rates of those they serve.

Web-based software managed by App-X helping organizations track and benchmark financial, operational, environmental, and social data to better demonstrate impact.


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