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The power of citizens (Citizen 2.0): 17 examples of government social media innovation

The internet has changed the way information is relayed and how people use it. We have gone from an era of broadcast dominated by passive reception to an era of digital … Sigue leyendo

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Unleashing breakthrough innovation in the public sector

I am very interested about the increasing trend of using Social Innovation within Governments worldwide. Lately I have even been able to participate and experience how different public sectors institutions are using … Sigue leyendo

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Amazing to participate in the co-creation of the Social Innovation Ecosystem in Luxembourg

Last 10th of January I participated in the 3rd co-creating event organized by  the Public Research Centre Henri Tudor to explore the question of Social Innovation in Luxembourg: what are the facts and … Sigue leyendo

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Social change makers programme offered by Kanthari Institute for Social Entrepreneurs

Yesterday I received an email from the Kanthari Institute for Social Entrepreneurs asking if I could help to  spread the word, and share the  details of a programe they offer … Sigue leyendo

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Social Entrepreneurs: Have Your Say! An Interactive Event on social entrepreneurship in Europe

The European Commission has organised a super interesting two-day interactive event on social entrepreneurship in Europe which will enable you to: discuss the issues YOU want and feed that into the … Sigue leyendo

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A lesson of happiness and generosity I brought back home from my trip to Ghana

I few weeks ago I was in Ghana, visiting microfinance institutions as well as small entrepreneurs in Accra, Kumasi and the Central Region. It was an amazing experience and I loved … Sigue leyendo

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The 20 most popular TED Talks, as of this moment. Which one do you prefer?

I love TED Talks.  They have been bringing inspiration, entertainment  and emotion to my life in the last years.  As 2013 draws to a close, TED has posted 1600+ talks, each … Sigue leyendo

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What is Social Entrepreneurship? See my contribution on «Bridge for good´s» video.

«We believe social entrepreneurship can be a possibility to overcome the current crisis through new business models that break from the past and create new value, not only focused on … Sigue leyendo

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Determinación: la clave del éxito?

En los últimos 3 años  he tenido la ocasión de conocer, entrevistar  o trabajar con cientos de personas que, de forma individual o desde distintas organizaciones, han decidido hacer algo para … Sigue leyendo

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Second European Social Innovation Competition

Do you have an idea to fight high unemployment? Do you think you could improve the working conditions of people stuck in low-paid jobs – whether because of their gender, … Sigue leyendo

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“Uno, dos, tres, muchos…” ciudadanos innovadores

¿Estamos haciendo uso de todo nuestro potencial ciudadano? Hoy os dejo otra iniciativa muy interesante de Innovación ciudadana, se llama  ciudadania20  y tiene como misión: impulsar  la participación activa de ciudadanos … Sigue leyendo

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Citizenship 2.0: Debating Europe, connecting European citizens and politicians

In a recent article, I listed 10 ways people can change the economy, I received a lot of comments and proposals and some of you expressed interest in finding out … Sigue leyendo

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Dreamstarter: a crowdfunding platform launched by StartSomeGood and ING Direct in Australia

This year I am teaching again  Development Finance and Innovative Finance Models in different Universities. I always look for innovative cases to discuss with students and I have found this interesting initiative … Sigue leyendo

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No te pierdas la Jornada #SocialTIC.TIC para la transformación social y el voluntariado, el próximo 16 de mayo

El próximo jueves 16 de mayo en Medialab Prado más de doce entidades organizan socialTIC, la jornada sobre las TIC para la transformación social y el voluntariado.  No os perdáis la … Sigue leyendo

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Los diez emprendimientos seleccionados para participar en Momentum Project 2013. #Planetforchange

El Comité Científico de Momentum Project 2013 ha dado a conocer la lista de los diez emprendimientos finalistas de esta edición. Los proyectos seleccionados abarcan sectores como tecnología, textil y … Sigue leyendo

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“La Innovación Social es un concepto en construcción, que engloba iniciativas que buscan nuevas formas de satisfacer las necesidades sociales que no están adecuadamente cubiertas por el mercado o el sector público o de producir los cambios de comportamiento necesarios para resolver los grandes retos de la sociedad ”

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