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Social change makers programme offered by Kanthari Institute for Social Entrepreneurs

Kanthari_3DYesterday I received an email from the Kanthari Institute for Social Entrepreneurs asking if I could help to  spread the word, and share the  details of a programe they offer support  to social change makers and innovators around the world.

I checked their activities and researched what they have done and I think it is really worth having a look at it.


The Program

Kanthari offers a seven month experience-based preparation for social change. Previous formal education is not necessarily required. Participants who apply for this program have to be committed to a dream and a plan to create a mindset change in their community. The result of such project is positive social change or awareness. The participant has to be highly motivated, driven and creative in order to let his/her project become reality.

All participants who are selected will be supported for tuition, board and lodging during the course of their stay in the kanthari campus

I shared with you below the message I got introducing the initiative:

“Dear Guadalupe,

Having discovered your inspiring innovator’s blog we would like to introduce the Kanthari institute to you, a Campus in Trivandrum, Kerala, India, that offers a 7-month leadership training for social change makers and innovators around the world – financed by our donors.

The NGO kanthari starts into its sixth year of existance and is looking again for passionate people who would like to join the course in May. We strongly believe in the “insider-approach” where people who are part of their own target audience develop projects for them.

So far over 70 participants from around 30 different (developing) nations developed 45 active projects in the fields of:

-organic farming and waste management

-women empowering

-alternative education

-help for homeless, blind or sick children and orphans

-livelihood for disabled

-technical inventions for marginalized groups, etc.

 Please see alumni section on our website

It would be great if you could post the news of this great offer in your blog and spread it within your broad network – thus helping to attract the best social change makers and innovators and giving them a unique chance.

Thank you so much for your cooperation,

best regards from Kerala,

It is really interesting to discover how people from all around the world are working to make this planet a better place. I feel privileged to be in touch with them. That is why I created the Social Innovation Map, to be able to map and share the projects  I discover that are working to change the world.

So if you have other initiatives, add them to the map, or contact us, we will be happy to share them!


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