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The New Nature of Innovation: human centered and collaborative

a new nature of innovation

Innovation is a driving force of welfare and contributes to increasing the standard of living. A new nature of innovation is emerging. Co-creation, user involvement, environmental and societal challenges are drivers for the change. Global cooperation networks and public private partnerships are increasingly crucial part in companies’ innovation processes. The study «New Nature of Innovation,  analyzes new emerging forms and new areas of innovation and how governments are responding to the new nature of innovation. The report covers also case studies from both private and public sectors.

I like the fresh approach that stresses the rising centrality of the individual:

«A deeper understanding of user needs will be an important driver of innovation, and new technology will enable companies to come up with entirely new solutions where companies and customers co-create value and create unique individual experiences. In a new nature of innovation, we will see a new balance between technology-driven, competitivedriven and user-driven innovation – with much more emphasis on the users.»

The report is funded jointly by the Danish and Finnish governments and  is  a contribution to the ongoing OECD innovation strategy work.

The interactive, iterative and continuous innovation of the future has distinctive characteristics that differentiate it from the innovation of the industrial area.

The study describes nine innovation priciples that are pushed by these four drivers:

1. Co-creating value with customers and tapping knowledge about users
2. Global knowledge sourcing and collaborative networks
3. Global challenges as a driver of innovation
4. Public sector challenges as a driver of innovation

Download the full report with all innovation principles and cases here.

You can also watch a video summarizing the research:

2 comentarios el “The New Nature of Innovation: human centered and collaborative

  1. Carlos García-Bañón
    8 septiembre, 2012

    Interesantísimo: una visión clara y potente del presente y futuro de la innovación!

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